Do you wake up with a heavy head or headache?


I might have a solution for it. There are a lot of times when you wake up with a heavy head, mild or severe headache, stress headache or pain on the shoulders or back part of your head. It might be a different underlying problem but there are times when some simple remedies can make it disappear in no time.


Whenever you face a chronic problem, its always suggested to retrospect on the problem origin and find solutions with slight changes in your lifestyle and in most cases, your life with come back to normal healthy state.


Here are the simple tips you should check


  1. Check your pillow, 90% of the times its the high and hard pillow which is the culprit. Sounds so simple but trust me its the immediate thing you should check. Too high and elevated pillows are the worst culprits for neck and head problems. Use a thin soft pillow for a few days and check.
  2. Try sleeping on a different bed for a few days, some mattresses might be creating the problem.
  3. Splash your eyes with cold water before going to sleep.
  4. Do some simple neck and shoulder stretching exercises daily.

 Simple, isn't it? But they are worth trying and following. Before going for an aggressive treatment unless direly needed, try following some simple corrective steps for a few days.

 Remember correcting the cause of a problem is more important than solving the symptoms. Once the cause is discovered and cured, you will not face the symptoms again.

Stay healthy, God Bless